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All Brownie Lovers,

Hello, my name is Emmitt but I go by E. That’s where E’z Brownie Brickz comes from. I make Gourmet Flavored Brownie Brickz. Each and every bite will be light and flavorful. Playing with the flavors and going outside the box is fun for me and challenges my creativity as a baker. This keeps my company interesting and mysterious. It excites me when customers are eager to know what new flavor will come out. The reactions are the best!

The company was created on March 5, 2015, when the first Brownie was baked. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Life had me stressed and I missed my dad, it was his 15th year death anniversary. I kept flashing back to when I was a kid and he used to make Pecan Pies every year around the holidays. There were pies all over the house cooling. They smelled so good. I love Praline Pecans and had brought some home from work. Something told me to make a Praline Pecan White Chocolate Brownie. I researched many different recipes from scratch, came up with a formula, and it came out amazing. It was at that moment I felt God gave me my gift. From there I kept perfecting my recipe and trying different flavors. Over the years I would let coworkers, friends, and family try them to let me know which ones were hits. I applied for my LLC in May 2019 and have been pushing my company ever since.


This has not been an easy journey. When things seemed impossible and unattainable I wanted to give up. I never did. I kept baking and baking and baking. Being persistent was the best decision I made. I learned that anything you want to do, you can despite your circumstances. A friend once told me that the same amount of time you work for other people, you should do the same for your own business. I’ve been in good shape ever since then. I thank God every day for my business. I appreciate everyone showing love and supporting the Brownie Movement. Enjoy E’z Brownie Brickz!!

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